Installing the Client for Windows Embedded

Ivanti Device and Application Control provides a modular version of Application Control and Device Control for Microsoft Windows Embedded.

About Windows Embedded

Windows Embedded is an edition of Windows that contains a full feature set, but has restrictions on licensing that require the resulting device to boot directly into the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) application. When building the operating system (OS) image, the OEM chooses only necessary software components, which reduces the OS footprint. Component behavior is defined by component script and dynamic HTML.

Windows Embedded is not the same as Windows CE, Windows Embedded targets a different set of devices with different functionality than Windows CE.

Windows Embedded is often used in the following devices:

  • Thin Clients such as retail Point-of-Sale (POS) or Windows-based Terminals.
  • Connected Clients such as Set-Top boxes, Gateways, Kiosks, ATMs, Industrial Control Systems, Office Automation, and Gaming Systems.

Refer to Windows Embedded on the Microsoft documentation site for additional information about Windows Embedded.