Setting Up Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)

The network administrator(s) that are responsible for using the Management Console must have the security access permissions set in Windows Component Services for DCOM properties.

  1. Select Start > Run.
  2. Type dcomcnfg in the Open: field.
    The Component Services dialog opens.
    Component Services dialog
  3. Attention: The steps described in this procedure are based on using a Windows® Server 2022 operating system (OS). If you are using a different Windows OS, the steps and step results may vary.

  4. Double-click Component Services.
  5. Double-click Computers.
    My Computer is listed in the right pane.
  6. Right-click My Computer.
  7. Select Properties.
    The My Computer Properties dialog opens.
    My Computer Properties dialog
  8. Select the COM Security tab.
  9. In the Access Permissions panel, click Edit Default.
    1. Click No, for any warning screens that appear.
      The Access Permissions dialog opens.
      Access Permission dialog
  10. Verify that:
    • SELF (the logged in user) is listed.
    • SYSTEM is listed.
    • The Permissions for SELF (and SYSTEM) Allow check boxes are selected for Local Access and Remote Access
  11. To create a new profile with the necessary permissions, click Add.
    The Select Users or Groups dialog opens.
    Select Users or Groups dialog
  12. In the Select this object type field, verify that at least Users is entered. If not:
    1. Click Object Types and select Users.
    2. In the From this location field, verify your computer name is entered.
    3. Or, click Locations and select your computer name.
    4. In the Enter objects name to select field, type a new object.
    5. Click OK.
    6. In the Access dialog, select the new object.
    7. Select the Allow check box.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Close the Component Services dialog.