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Archiving or Expiring a Knowledge Article

Only Knowledge Managers can archive or expire a knowledge article.

Expiring a knowledge article usually means that it is time-sensitive, such as a knowledge article on a product version that is no longer supported. You might want to archive a knowledge article that is inaccurate (and replace it with another one) or one that has not been viewed over a period of time in the Self-Service Portal.

After you set the status of a knowledge article to expired, a user can search on it if they created the knowledge article or if they are the owner of the knowledge article.

However, only Knowledge Managers can view knowledge articles with a status of archived. Users cannot search on knowledge articles that are in the archived or expired status from within the Self-Service Portal.

1.Log in to the application as a Knowledge Manager.

2.Open the knowledge article to archive or expire.

3.Do one of the following:

From the Status field drop-down list, select Archived or click Archive Knowledge Article from the toolbar.

From the Status field drop-down list, select Expired.

The system updates the Retired Date field with today's date.

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