Service Manager


Changing the Language or Locale

The default language for the application is English (United States). However, if your administrator has given you privileges, you can change the language to that of your preference . Your changes will be retained and you be will logged in to the application in the set language until you change it again.

Some languages might appear more than once. For example, you might see English (United States) and English (Australia). Each version reflects the cultural language features of the indicated country.

Do the following to change your locale:

1.Log in to the application.

2.From the header bar, click on your user name. A drop-down menu is displayed.

3.Hover the mouse over the Change Locale option. The application displays a list of languages that your administrator has set up.

Change Locale

4.Select the language to use. The application automatically refreshes with the changed locale.

5.You can also activate additional languages. See Adding a Language and Culture with Translations for more information.

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