Service Manager


Logging in to the Application

The following are the prerequisites to log in to the application:

Get the log in URL from your administrator.

You must be assigned to at least one role to log in. If you are not assigned to a role, you can only log in if your administrator has enabled anonymous login.

If you add an iFrame to your company web site in order to embed the application login, be sure that the web site HTML URL and iFrame HTML URL are same.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, disable protection mode in the browser.

The following are the steps to log in to the application:

1.In a browser, enter the URL for your application. The login page is displayed.

2.Enter your user name and password. (The password is masked.) 

3.Click Login. The application displays a list of roles.

4.Select a role, then click Submit.

You are now logged in and ready to use Service Manager.

To log in with a different role, log out and then log in again with the new user role.

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