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New Features


A This feature automatically appears upon upgrade; usually smaller enhancements that do not disrupt daily use for existing customers.
C This feature is immediately available to all customers but must be specifically configured.
M This feature is not available to existing customers and must be manually configured. This is typical of certain types of metadata changes that could adversely affect existing deployments. This content may be available as a package in the Ivanti App Store.
N This feature immediately available to new installations and not to existing customers.
P This feature is restricted to, and relevant for, on-premise deployments only.
S This feature is restricted to, and relevant for, Cloud deployments only.

The following new features and updates are included in this release. Not all features are available to customers using older versions.

Release 2019.2

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REST API Key - A new method of authorizing REST API endpoint is available.



Release 2019.1

New Features

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Ivanti Cloud Connector (ICC)

ICC is used to connect a customer's Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) solution to the Ivanti Cloud. After successful integration, Data Services populates the ISM Configuration Management Database (CMDB) by importing the Configuration Item (CI) data as defined by ICC.


Feature Preview: Ivanti Cloud Connector

Visual Refresh

A new theme, CDL2, has been introduced in this release for Service Manager, with unique colour parameters that can be configured by Administrators.


Configuring the Application User Interface

Improved RESTful API

Adds additional capability to the RESTful web services API introduced with 2018.3. With this update, customers can now:

  • Create/Update/Retrieve of Related objects (e.g. Tasks & Journals)
  • Create/Update/Retrieve of Composite/Group objects (e.g. CI / Knowledge)
  • Execute Quick Actions
  • Execute Saved Searches
  • Full Text Search
  • Ability to apply Query Filters
  • Apply Template to new records (e.g. incidents, changes, etc.)
  • Login / Logout using RESTful API vs SOAP


Rest API

Managed Service Providers (MSP Configuration)

Managed Service Providers (MSP) can customize the application user interface for a specific tenant and even for specific role in a tenant.


Managed Service Providers


Feature Description * Help Topic Link
ISM-EPM Connector Mapping

Some changes have been made to the ISM-EPM connector mappings.

Router, Switch, UPS, Phone, and Video Conference objects are now mapped to the CI.SubType.


ISM-EPM Connector

SCCM Mappings

Some changes have been made to the SCCM field mappings.

Server, Workstation, LM_Server, SQLServer objects are all mapped to the Computer.


Mapping SCCM Fields

Knowledge Management Workspace

A new look and feel has been implemented in the Knowledge Management workspace.

The fields in the Knowledge page are categorized and grouped, all the action tabs are collapsed and listed for a better user experience.


Knowledge Management

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Subscription

Adds a capability to link multiple request offerings to an existing SLA Subscription.


Working with Service Level Agreements

New Configuration Item (CI) Structure

There are changes done to the CI Structure to group CI based on the type and sub-type. Configuration Items are grouped into five major CI Types - Computer, General Asset, Infrastructure, Mobile Device, and Peripheral Device.


Working with the CI Map

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