Service Manager


About the Consoles

Console is a working environment in the application. The workspaces, features and other elements that is visible for you in the console depends on your user role, access rights, and permissions granted to your role.

For example, the Configuration console is available only for administrators and not any other user role. The Service Desk console is not applicable for Self-Service users.

There are several working environments in the application:

Configuration console - Can be accessed only by users logged in as Administrator. This is where you can set up the application, create dashboards, give roles various permissions, and many other configuration tasks.

See About the Configuration Console for more information.

Service Desk console - This is the environment displayed upon logging into the application for most of the users. This is where you can perform actions such as creating incidents, resolving problems, and running reports.

The Home page appears with the dashboard that is configured for your role. Each role has a different view of the application.

See Using the Service Desk Console for more information.

Self-Service console - This environment is displayed when you log in to the application as a Self-Service user. See Self Service Quick Reference for more information.

Configuration database - The is where administrators can make certain configuration changes. However, most of the workspaces contain parameters that we do not recommend changing. Therefore, the Configuration Database is not described in the online help. See the Configuration Database Guide for Service Manager for more information.

Operations console - This is used by the on-premise administrators for migrating data between different instances of tenants. The Service Manager Operations Console is not described in this online help. See the Operations Console Guide for Service Manager for more information.

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