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About License Tracking

Assigning a Bundled License to a Role

Designating a User as a Named User for Licensing

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About the LogonHistory API

About License Tracking

Service Manager allows both named and concurrent user license types. This data is based on content in the Frs_ops_logon_history business object.

Named Users

Concurrent Users

Named Users

To better support tracking and identification of named users, the Employee business object includes a Boolean field called Is Named User.

Concurrent Users

Concurrent users are users who are currently logged into the application but are not named users or Self-Service Portal users. In reports, you can calculate the number of concurrent users with this expression:

Select * from Frs_ops_logon_history where LoginTime > Timestamp and LogoutTime < Timestamp and not (self service role or named user).

When a user logs out, the application considers this an explicit logout. If a user does not log out, but simply closes the browser window, eventually they time out. If a user logs in again before the timeout occurs, the user consumes another license. In other words, the application shows this user as using multiple licenses (for each log-in session) simultaneously. The application tracks the user IP address of the internet gateway; Service Manager cannot determine multiple log-in sessions using the user IP address.

If a user opens a new browser window and logs in, they consume another session. If a user opens a new browser tab, they share the same session.

Assigning a Bundled License to a Role

This process only applies to on-premise customers. Refer to the "Using the Ivanti License Manager" topic in the Installation and Deployment Guide for Ivanti Service Manager for more information about tracking licenses.

A license bundle restricts the access for a user, depending on which components are included in the license bundle.  For example, a license bundle might contain the Self-Service Portal only.  A user with that license bundle can then only access the Self-Service Portal.

To assign a bundle to a role, do the following:

1.From the Configuration Console, click Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions to open the Groups workspace.

2.Click the name of a role. The application displays the Role Details page.

3.Click the Licensing tab. The application displays the License information page.

4.In the Assigned bundle field, select a bundle from the drop-down list.

5.Click Save. The application assigns this license bundle to the role.

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