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Clone Object Quick Action

About the Clone Object Quick Action



About the Clone Object Quick Action

The Clone Object quick action creates a copy of the selected record and overwrites the specified fields, including copying from one-to-one relationships.

To avoid copying values for any field (such as ResolutionEscLink, ResponseEscLink, WaitingEscLink, and ClosingEscLink), set the value to empty.

When choosing a field that uses counters (such as AssignmentID or IncidentNumber, you must enable the Unique property (see Working with Fields). Otherwise, you will have multiple records with the same numbers. Counters are invoked through a business rule (see Using Business Rules).

Field with Unique Property

A Business Rules Using a Counter

In this case, the field value can be left empty.


Parameter Description
Enter action name A unique name for the quick action.
Enter action description Optional. A description of what the quick action does.
Enter category Optional. The category. Select from the drop-down list.
Field Name

The field name. Choose from the drop-down list.

Field Value

The field value.


Button Action
Adds a field to the list.
Removes a field from the list.
Save Commits your settings.
Cancel Exits without saving.

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