Service Manager


Using the Style Editor

The Style Editor is used to customize workspaces with different colors of backgrounds, fields, menus, buttons, text, and changing the logo. When you make a change in the left pane of the Style Editor, you can view the result in the right pane. This feature enables you to experiment with different color combinations, logos, and images for your Service Manager and Self Service Mobile user interfaces, and the login page.

Working with Colors in the Style Editor

Configuring the Application User Interface

Configuring the Self Service Mobile User Interface

Configuring the Login Page

Accessing the Style Editor

To access the Style Editor, do the following:

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > User Interface Styles > Style Editor. The application displays the Style Editor.

2.Click the tab corresponding to the item to customize:

HEAT Application: Configures the Service Manager user interface.

Self Service: Configures the Self Service Mobile user interface.

Login Page: Configures the Service Manager login page.

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