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Working with the Survey Metric View

Viewing the Survey Metrics

About the SurveyMetricView Business Object

Viewing the Survey Metrics

To view the survey metrics, do the following:

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open the Survey Metric View workspace.

Survey Metric View Workspace

3.To view the original record that generated the survey, open a record and click Go To Parent.

Survey Metric View Record

About the SurveyMetricView Business Object

The SurveyMetricView business object has one form and one layout.  It is only available to administrators. The default form shows the following fields for each survey:

Field Description
Category The survey category.
CI Owner The configuration item owner.
Closed Date Time The date and time the survey was closed.
BO RecId The RecID of the business object.
Numeric Value The survey numeric value.
Owner Team The record owner team.
Owner The record owner.
Org Unit The record organizational unit.
Service The record service.

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