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Change Tasks

When an approved change request is ready to be designed, tested, and implemented, the most effective way for Change Managers to manage the process is by creating tasks and assigning them to the teams responsible for implementing them. See Creating a Task for information about creating tasks and assigning them to a change request.

Setting Change Request Tasks to Complete Status

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Change Manager.

2.Navigate to the change request to change the status of the tasks.

3.In the change request record, select the Tasks tab.

4.Select all the task records and click Complete from the Task toolbar.

5.Enter the number of minutes spent on the task and click OK.

The statuses of all the selected tasks are set to completed.

Computing the Cost for a Change Request

After a task associated with a change request is completed, the assignee enters the actual effort of the task in the Task form (only if there is an average cost per minute associated with the owner team).

The costs for all of the tasks roll up into the change request when the change request is set to implemented or closed. The total cost associated with the change request is shown in the Details tab of the change request record.

This is multiplied by the average cost per minute of the owner team assigned to the task, which then provides the total cost of the task. The costs of the tasks are calculated, and then the cost of all the tasks associated with a single change is rolled up to reflect the cost of the change. See About Team Costing. At this point, the sum of the actual time spent on all the associated tasks is also rolled up into the change record and shown in the Time field.

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