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Configuring the Change Calendar

Change Approval Board (CAB) Meeting Schedules

Significant changes are subject to CAB meetings and approval. A change is added to the change calendar after it has been approved at the regular CAB meeting. The CAB must have time to review and approve the change before the CAB meeting. As a result, if the next CAB meeting is scheduled too soon for a proper review, the change must be scheduled after the next CAB meeting.

Major changes are subject to CAB meetings and approval as well as management committee approval. Standard and minor changes are routine and can be scheduled and made without prior approval from the CAB. An emergency change can be made and then later approved by the Emergency CAB (ECAB).

Setting Up the Change Calendar

Service Manager automatically ties change records to the change calendar. No set up is required. However, you can change the name of the workspace and enable certain roles to be able to see it.

1.From the Configuration console, click Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions. A list of roles is displayed.

2.Click the role for which to set up the change calendar (for example, Change Manager).

3.Click Top Level Tabs. The list of workspaces for this role is displayed.

4.Click Change Calendar. The Change Calendar page opens.

5.Modify the information as needed.

Field Description
Name The name of the change calendar. You can change this name for each role.
The Tab Is Available Makes this tab available to the role, but not necessarily in the top header bar.
The Tab is Initially Visible Places this tab in the top header bar.
The Tab Can Be Closed By User

Allows the user to close this tab. A close button (X) appears in the tab.

6. Click Save. The Change Calendar tab is displayed the next time the user logs in or refreshes their browser.

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