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Auditing Standalone Computers

You can discover and audit Windows computers that have no connection to the network or the internet by using the Discovery Windows client agent standalone package. Using the Windows client agent standalone package you can:

Audit one or more computers that are not connected to a network or to the internet.

Add the computers to your organizational unit structure.

View and update data related to the standalone machines.

You can only access the standalone package from the Configuration.

Follow these steps to download the standalone package:

1.From the Configuration console, click Extend > Ivanti HEAT Discovery.

2.Select Download Windows Client Agent Standalone Package.

3.Download the package.

4.Extract the executable to a USB device.

5.Insert the USB device on each standalone computer and double-click HeatAudit.exe to run the audit. The application informs you when the audit is completed, and displays the path where the audit file was saved. If you scan multiple computers, the audit will create separate audit files for each computer.

6.After the computers have been audited, upload the data to Discovery by doing the following:

a. Insert the USB drive containing the encrypted data into a machine connected to the network, that has access to Discovery.
b. Open the folder and double-click HeatPost.exe.

A configuration item is created for each machine, and the newly discovered, unconnected computers appear under the root organizational unit.

7.Move the computers from the root to associate them with an organizational unit.

8.To update the information for the configuration item record, rescan the unconnected machines and upload the data.

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