Service Manager


Updating the Retry Number

Sometimes a client agent sends a message that cannot be processed by the server. If the message was sent due to a failure or other error, the agent tries to resend the message an indefinite number of times.

You can modify the number of retries from the Inventory Settings workspace, by doing the following:

1.Log in to Service Manager.

2.Open the Inventory Settings workspace.

3.Select an organizational unit.

4.In the Max Message Sending Retry field, enter the number of retries to allow. The default value is 5. However, we recommend that you do not modify this value for existing configurations as this enables Ivanti to troubleshoot specific problems.

5.Click Save. Any machine that displays an agent status of suspended indicates that it is no longer sending messages to the server since it has retried the specified number of times. It no longer processes any tasks and the client agent task must be resumed. Changing the Max Message Sending Retry value to 0 automatically restarts the client agents.

6.Open the configuration item and select Resume Client Agent on the task bar to allow the machine to resume sending messages.

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