Service Manager


Creating Master Incidents

1.Log in to the Service Desk console.

2.Open the Incident workspace. A list of incidents is displayed.

3.Either create a new incident as described in Creating an Incident or open an existing incident.

4.In the Impact field, select High. The application activates the Declare as Master Incident checkbox.

5.Check Declare as Master Incident.

The application does the following:

Changes the title at the top of the form to Master Incident: incident_number (Active).

Removes the Master Incident tab and replaces it with a Related Incident tab. Link other incidents to this Master Incident by using this tab. See To link incidents to the master incident:

Activates the Update Related Incident checkbox.

6.Click Save to make this incident a master incident.

7.Click Update Related Incidents. After you link related incidents, this applies all changes from this master incident to the linked incidents.

8.Continue adding information as needed to the master incident.

9.To link incidents to the master incident:

a. Click the Related Incidents tab.
b. Click Link.
c. Highlight the incident to link, or shift-click more than one incident.
d. Click Select.

10.Click Save.

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