Service Manager


Investigating Incidents

The goal of Service Desk is to restore normal service at the initial point of contact with the incident requester. An incident resolved at the initial point of contact is called first call resolution.

If you resolve the incident at the initial point of contact, on the incident form, select First Call Resolution under the Resolution tab of the Incident form.

The application escalates incidents that are not successfully resolved by Service Desk to a second or even third tier of support (usually a third-party vendor).

During the investigation and diagnosis phase, you can do the following:

Adding an Attachment

Creating an Activity History Item

Creating a Task

Creating a Change Request

Watching Escalations

Modifying an Incident

Adding a Journal Entry to a Business Object

Viewing a CI Map

Linking Incidents

Using Related Items and Object Matching

Viewing a Workflow Instance

Resolving Incidents

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