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Setting Up the Knowledge Advisory Boards

By default, there are six Knowledge Advisory Boards: five for the predefined knowledge collections plus a default board for new knowledge collections. See Approving a Knowledge Article for more information about knowledge collections.

The Knowledge Advisory Boards are:

Service Desk

IT Knowledge

Internal Knowledge

Customer Knowledge

Company Policy and Procedure

Default Knowledge

Each Knowledge Advisory Board is a contact group that has individual members and is associated with a specific knowledge collection. When a knowledge article is in the pending approval state, the system sends notifications for approval to each member of the Knowledge Advisory Board for that knowledge collection.

If you add a new knowledge collection, knowledge articles belonging to the new knowledge collection are sent to the Default Knowledge board for approval. You can update the knowledge approval workflows so that new knowledge collection uses one of the predefined Knowledge Advisory Boards.

For each Knowledge Advisory Board, you need to add members to receive notifications to approve or reject knowledge articles.

Viewing or Modifying the Members of a Knowledge Advisory Board

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Knowledge Manager.

2.Open the Knowledge Advisory Board workspace. A list of Knowledge Advisory Boards is displayed.

3.Double-click a Knowledge Advisory Board.

4.Update any of the fields as needed.

5.Add or remove Knowledge Advisory Board members.

6.Click Save.

Setting Up an Ad-Hoc Approver for a Knowledge Article

You can set up an ad-hoc approver to approve a knowledge article. The ad-hoc approver is only an approver for that particular approval instance of that particular knowledge article and is not linked to the approval contact record. You can only create an ad-hoc approver after you have created the approval record for the knowledge article (that is, the knowledge article is in the in review status).

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Knowledge Manager.

2.Open the Approval workspace.

3.Select the approval record for the knowledge article to add an ad-hoc approver.

4.Click Add Approver.

5.Enter the name of the ad-hoc approver in the Select Approver field.

6.Click OK. The name of the ad-hoc approver is added to the knowledge approval record.

7.Click Save. The ad-hoc approver is notified of the pending approval. See Approving a Knowledge Article.

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