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Deleting a Request Offering

After you create and publish a request, form, or external offering, you can delete it. You can only delete a request offering that you created.

When you delete a request offering, the fulfillment workflow associated with it is also deleted. If a request is in the process of being fulfilled when you delete its associated request offering, it cannot be fulfilled through the workflow that was originally set up. To avoid this situation, we recommend that prior to deleting a request offering, you keep it in design mode for a period of time that is sufficient to make sure that the fulfillment workflows for all pending requests are able to finish.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Service Owner.

2.Open the Request Offerings workspace.

3.Find the request offering to delete.

4.Click the name link to go to the form.

5.Click Publish Action, and select design mode.

6.Click Save.

7.Click Delete next to the request offering to delete.

Hiding a Request Offering

Hiding a request, form, or external offering only removes it from the Service Catalog, but does not delete it from the system. To hide an offering, save it in draft mode, but do not publish it.

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