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Configuration Manager Tasks

Configuration Managers are responsible for the Configuration Management process and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). They maintain all configuration items in the CMDB.

Configuration Managers maintain information about configuration items required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships. This information is managed throughout the lifecycle of the configuration item. Configuration management is part of an overall service asset and configuration management process.

The Configuration Manager has access to the following workspaces:

Configuration Item

Software Inventory

Agent Task

Baseline Mapping

and many more

The Configuration Manager is frequently a member of the Change Management department. Common Configuration Manager tasks include:

Linking a configuration item to a change record.

Classifying a configuration item type into a role supporting a service or system.

Adding or importing new configuration items to the system.

Defining maintenance schedules for configuration items.

Creating service maps (relationships that link different services) in support of a service level agreement.

Mapping configuration items to inventory items.

Managing the Lifecycle of a Configuration Item

Service Manager provides a full set of states to enable the management of a configuration item through its lifecycle, from planning to retirement. Service Manager provides the following states by default:




Deployment in progress







Under maintenance


These status options support the lifecycle management of all configuration item types, such as the ability to control the management of application software through all stages of its lifecycle from the plan, design, and build stage through to production. By setting the proper status of the configuration item, the system allows configuration items to transfer from one status to another using the same configuration item entry without the need to create a new record in the database.

Configuration Managers are responsible for keeping the status of the configuration item current as part of the Change Management process. To set the status for the configuration item, open up the configuration item from the Configuration Item workspace and choose the appropriate status from the drop-down list.

Choose a Configuration Item Status

To ensure all related configuration item versions remain consistent, Service Manager allows you to update the version number of all related configuration items by running Sync related CI version.

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