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Using the Social Board

Use the Social Board to post messages to users and view messages posted by other users. You can also create conversations amongst users within a team, group, or role.

The administrator must activate the Social Board before you can send or receive messages.

The Social Board workspace enables the following:

Activity streams and real-time feed:

Notifies affected users when relevant business services are out or degraded.

Makes users more aware of things that are important to them (such as escalations, status updates, and so on).

Reduces the time spent on tasks related to finding information and tracking updates.

Social community and collaboration:

Encourages users to collaborate and provide peer-to-peer support with both real-time and archival knowledge to drive greater productivity.

Lets users help each other within a managed community and service as a team.

Integrated service management workflows:

Create incidents, knowledge articles, or any other standard or custom business object and post updates from business objects.

Social as PaaS:

Extend the Social Board to custom business objects and business processes.

For social notifications to work correctly, all application servers should use either HTTP or HTTPS. Mixed mode is not supported.

Opening the Social Board

The administrator must grant you access to the Social Board workspace before you can use it. If you do not see the Social Board button, then your role does not have access to this feature.

1.Log in to the Service Desk console

2.Open the Social Board workspace.

After you open the Social Board, you can send and receive messages and utilize the Chat Zone.

Other Features of Social Board

About Social Board Messages and Comments

Working with Teams and Groups

For more information on setup and configuring options in Social Board, see Working with Social Board.

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