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About List Settings

The application displays data in the list view based on the settings applied. Learn how to use these settings.

Maintaining List Settings

If you change any of the list settings they remain constant even when you log out and log back in again.

These settings include:

Column width (the pixel width of the column). The default is 100.

Sort order for columns, either ascending or descending.

Column order.

Hidden or visible columns. Note that hidden columns are included in searches.

Page size (the number of rows per page.)


Resetting Personalizations in a List

You can click the Reset icon at the bottom of the workspace to reset your changes. For example, if you made some changes to the column width and click the Reset icon, the workspace returns to your original settings. Resetting personalizations includes changes to column width, column order, hidden columns, sorting, grouping, and rows per page.

List Setting Priorities

Sorting settings set by users have a higher priority than the sort order set in a saved search. The multisort setting persists, even if you run a saved search. However, you can return to the sort order contained in the saved search.

1.Click the Reset icon in the footer of the list to return to the sort order contained in the saved search. This feature also removes all personalization for the list.

2.Click Multisort in the toolbar above the list to open the multisort column picker.

3.Select a choice from the Sort by drop-down list.

4.Click Sort to run your sort.

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