Service Manager


Grouping Records by Column Header

You can group records by their column header and then drill down to view the count of records within the selected group.

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open a workspace. In this example, open the Incident workspace.

3.Hover over the column header that you wish to group by. The filter icon is displayed.

4.Click the filter icon beside the column header. In this example, the Customer column header.

5.Select Group By This Field.

All the records in the column are grouped by customer and the count indicates the number of records for each state.

Records grouped by Customer

6.Click any of the status rows to view details of each record in that state.

7.To clear the grouping of records, click the filter icon of the column header and clear the Show in Groups check box.

You cannot group records in columns that have text fields with an unlimited number of characters allowed.

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