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Searching for Records

About Searching for Records

Using the FindBusinessObject Web Method

Using the FindSingleBusinessObjectByField Web Method

Using the FindMultipleBusinessObjectsByField Web Method

Using the Search Web Method


About Searching for Records

The Service Manager integration web service provides several means to search for records in a tenant. The following table summarizes the four web methods providing  for searching records.

Web Method



General purpose web method for searching for records using an arbitrary query criteria.

Use this web method if you cannot use the three web methods below to express the desired query criteria.


Searches for the business object record by its RecID field value in the database.

Since records are uniquely identified by the RecID (the primary key), this web method returns exactly one record, assuming the provided RecID matches one of the existing records in the business object.

If you do not have the RecID of the record to search for available, use another web method.


Searches for the business object record by the provided field or value criteria, and returns the exact record match, if it can be found.

For example, use this web method to identify an employee record, by either the LoginId or PrimaryEmail field (if the field values for the column are unique in the database table).

This web method returns exactly one matching record, if it can be located. If the search returns multiple records, it does not return any results.

If you are unsure if multiple results will be returned, use either the FindMultipleBusinessObjectsByField or FindBusinessObject web methods.


Searches for the business object record by the provided field or value criteria, and returns all of the results in an array.

For example, use this web method to identify all of the incident records with a status of resolved.

This web method returns one or more matching results in an array.

If you know that the search criteria will return exactly one record, the FindSingleBusinessObjectByField web method provides a more convenient way of accessing the record directly. (You can still use this web method and retrieve the record via the first item in the array.)

The FindBusinessObject, FindSingleBusinessObjectByField, and FindMultipleBusinessObjectsByField web methods are all special cases of the Search web method. The latter web method can be used to express any arbitrarily complex query.

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