Service Manager


Providing Knowledge Feedback

Self Service users can rate and give feedback on specific knowledge articles.

1.Log in to the Self Service portal.

2.Open the Knowledge Center workspace. A list of knowledge articles is displayed.

3.Select an article to rate.

4.At the bottom of the window, under Rate this article, select the number of stars that you think this article deserves. You can also click Provide Feedback to enter your ratings.

Not useful article.
Somewhat useful.
Fairly useful article.
Very useful article.
Exactly what I was looking for.

5.Answer the question "Was this article helpful?" by selecting Yes or No.

6.Enter your thoughts into the Comments field.

7.Click Leave feedback.

8.To modify your feedback, do the following:

a. Click Change my feedback.
b. Make your changes as needed.
c. Click Change my feedback.

Was this article useful?