Service Manager


Announcements and FAQs

Announcements allow you to view the messages sent out to the entire organization, all user roles can view announcements. But only user roles with the right access and permission can create Announcements.

FAQs are answers to some common queries that are available for you to refer for solutions or workarounds to your problems or queries before raising incidents.

Announcements and FAQs are displayed on the Home page in the Self-Service portal.

Viewing and Searching Announcements and FAQs

1.Log in to the application.

2.To view Announcements and FAQs, open its respective workspace.

A list of announcements and FAQs is displayed. Click on a record to view its details.

3.To search for announcements or FAQs, enter a keyword in the Search bar of the respective workspace and click the Search icon or press the ENTER key.

The matching results are displayed.

You can view announcements and FAQs from the Self-Service portal only if the Alert and Search add-ins are enabled by the administrator.

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