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Canceling a Change Request

To cancel a change request, you must do so before you update the status to requested.

Unless you are a Change Manager, you can only cancel a change request when it is in the logged state. Change Managers can change the status of a change request at any time.

Canceling a Change Request that is in the Logged State

Follow this procedure to cancel a change request while it is still in the logged state.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Change Manager.

2.Open the Change workspace.

3.Open the change request to modify.

4.Select Canceled from the Status drop-down list.

5.Click Save. The Cancellation Reason window open.

6.Enter the reason for canceling the request and click OK. The status of the change request is set to "Canceled".

An email is sent to the Change Manager and the change requester of the cancellation.

Canceling a Change Request that is in Other States

Follow the steps above and then continue here:

1.Click the Workflow Instance tab.

2.Select the workflow instance record, if any.

3.Click Abort from the Workflow Instance toolbar. The workflow instance status is set to aborted.

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