Service Manager


Change Risk Reference

Associated Fields Related to Risk Analysis Functionality

Field Definition
CatalogName Stores the name of the catalog that is used in the relationship constraint. The default setting is BaseCatalog.
CalculateRiskQuestions Serves as a trigger for the Java script to create new answer records (based on the catalog selected) that the user must complete. The application triggers the out-of-the-box field whenever you change the Change field.
RiskLevel Contains the values high, medium, or low, depending on the value of the RiskSum field. The risk level is a conditional list expression that calculates the value. It can be easily modified to set different thresholds for the risk level.
RiskSum Contains a numeric value calculated by a before save rule. Service Manager adds all of the weights associated with the user's answers to the risk analysis questions to produce the result.

Associated Objects Related to Change Risk Catalog

Business Object Definition
FRS_RiskCatalog Contains the relationship of the catalog to be used for this change record, based on the value contained in the CatalogName field.
FRS_RiskAnswer Contains the relationship of the answers for the user to the risk questions. Service Manager dynamically populates this by the Java script associated with the CalculateRiskQuestions field. You can edit the records in the Risk Level tab in the Change workspace.

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