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Post-Implementation Review (PIR)

After a change request is implemented, the change requires PIR.

In the post-implementation review, consider the following:

Did the change have the desired effect and meet the stated objectives?

Are users and customers satisfied with the results?

Are there any shortcomings or undesirable side effects?

Was there a proper allocation of resources to implement the change?

Was the change implemented on time and within budget?

Did the backout plan function correctly?

Was the change request properly categorized? If not, adjust as required.

Each change request can have only one PIR.

Creating a Post-Implementation Review

The Post Implementation Review tab is displayed when a change request is in the "Implemented" status.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Change Manager.

2.Navigate to the change request.

3.Under the Post Implementation Review tab, click New PIR. The New PIR window opens.

4.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Change Implementation Result

The result of the change implementation.

Backed Out

Failed:  A notification is sent to the change owner and change coordinator.


Synopsis An overview of the change process and its results.
Step To Avoid Recurrence If there were issues, enter the steps that could have been taken to avoid them.
Status The change status.
Customer Impact The impact to the customer.
Root Cause The root cause.
Start Date Time
End Date Time
The date and time to begin and finish the review.

5.Click Save.

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