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Enabling or Disabling LanProbe

LanProbe is an inventory agent and monitors your local network activity to collect information from any new IP or MAC devices it discovers. LanProbe detects IP addresses of new IP-enabled devices in a subnet. At minimum, it sends newly discovered devices IP address and MAC address to the Service Manager server. The list of discovered devices is returned to the server as part of the audit.

When new devices are added to the network, the data is uploaded to the configuration management database. You can download the package and run the installer for the target machines if you want to deploy agents, or audit these devices remotely.

If a switch is found on the local subnet, it is interrogated to detect which devices are connected to each of its ports. Port information (the number of ports on a switch and the devices connected to the port) is listed on the Port Connections tab for each switch. A CI map tree is also automatically generated. Click CI Map from the Details tab to see a visual view of the connected devices. The device is listed by device name if available to LanProbe, if not, it appears by the IP address. For more information about configuration item maps, see Working with the CI Map.

You can enable or disable LanProbe for certain machines such as a gateway or another server or machine by using the Turn off lanprobe and Turn on lanprobe quick actions. This generates less network traffic as only machines designated to run LanProbe collect and return the data to the server. Use the quick action as follows:

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Discovery Manager or Discovery Analyst.

2.Open the CI workspace.

3.Open the configuration item record for a machine.

4.From the Action Menu, select Turn on lanprobe to enable LanProbe for the selected machine.

5.You can check the status of the quick action from the Agent Tasks tab. When the status changes to completed, the quick action option to turn off LanProbe is displayed.

6.If LanProbe is enabled for a device or computer, from the Action Menu select Turn off lanprobe to disable this option.

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