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FAQs for Upgrading the Discovery Gateway

Does the Discovery gateway need to be reinstalled or upgraded?

Yes. The Discovery gateway needs to be reinstalled manually. The newer gateway (version 2.0) is backward compatible and does support the client version 1.9.

How does the new agent get deployed via the gateway?

Gateway older than Version 2.0, cannot support the newer versions of the client agent and must first be upgraded.

Do I need to uninstall the old version of the client agent? Initial testing shows that the old Discovery agent does not get cleanly removed when manually uninstalled, leaving behind folders and files.

No, you do not have to uninstall the existing client prior to installing version 2.0. The residual folders and files have no side effects when the newer client agent is installed.

You have the following options to install the newer client agent:

If the previous client agent was manually installed by an installer (Windows/Mac/OSX/Linux/Unix), first uninstall the older client agent and then manually reinstall the new client agent

For Windows machines only, regardless of whether the client agent was installed manually or by the gateway, you can upgrade the clients automatically by using the following procedure:

a. Uninstall the previous version of the gateway and install the new version of the gateway.
b. The previous version of the client agent checks the version of the gateway. If the gateway is still the older version, it does not upgrade the client agent. If the gateway is the newer version, all Windows client agents related to the new gateway execute a task called a binary update. This automatically upgrades the client agent to the new version.

How do I determine if a client agent is affected by a gateway?

Check the client task subnets of the gateway to see if the IP address of the computer belongs in that range.

Do I need to remove the agent via the configuration item business object or can this be rolled out via an SCCM package?

No, you can simply run the new installer and it upgrades the agent.

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