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Deploying the MDI Client from a Mobile Device

The client application can be installed on mobile devices by downloading it from Google Play for Android devices, or from the Apple Apps store for iOS devices.

Configuring the MDI Client Application

After installing the client application on a device, open the application and do the following:

1.Enter the user name in the User Name field.

2.Check Company Owned, if applicable.

3.Enter the server URL and customer ID that was sent by the administrator.

Enrolling a Mobile Device

1.Tap Enroll.

2.Optionally, to secure the enrollment process, an administrator may require an enrollment password.

This password is used only once, during the initial enrollment of a device. If required, enter the password sent by the administrator.

3.The application prompts you for confirmation to activate the service.

You must agree, and then install the certificate sent by the MDI service.

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