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Troubleshooting MDI

1.Ensure that the Mobile Device Inventory (MDI) service has started.

2. Inspect the file called MDIServiceHost.exe.config.

By default, it should be located at: ~\MDIServiceHost. Ensure that the MDIServiceBaseAddress is correctly set to https://your_registered_domain:8734/MDM.

3.For the SSL port binding, follow the steps under Deploying the MDI Service , in Connecting the MDI Service SSL Port Binding .

The .netsh http show sslcert command displays the SSL certificate binding information. Ensure that ports 8734 and 4423 are bound to it.

4.Check the port binding and ensure that port 8734 is actively listened to by running the following command in a command window: netstat -ano | find "8734".

5.Temporarily turn off the firewall on the server to rule it out as a cause.

6.Ensure that you are using the correct SSL certificate for the domain. Identify and install the correct certificate.

7.Ensure that you are using the correct root certificate authority certificate name (available from the certificate authority provider) when creating the enroll.mobileconfig file.

If not, regenerate the file following the steps in the APNS Certificate Tool .

8.Ensure that the server hosting the MDI service is not blocked from accessing the following services at ports 2195 and 2196:

9.Run the following command from a command window to test the connection: telnet 2195. A blank screen confirms that the connection is successful.

10.To check that you are able to connect, rerun the telnet command with the appropriate port numbers for each of the addresses listed above.

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