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Updating Inventory Settings from the Software Inventory

The primary source for Service Manager software inventory is software items in the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features windows, found in the control panel for the client computer. The client agent also captures audit data of all running applications.

If there are no applications running in the control panel, the client agent captures associated executable file names (such as *.exe) from the file system. The Discovery Manager Software Inventory workspace entries show the executable file names in the Software Files tab in the CI workspace.

We recommend that you capture the file system-based software items from all computers, regardless of whether they are running. You can do this by including the executable file names in the Inventory Settings Software Files tab via the Include/Exclude from Inventory quick action.

When the inventory settings is deployed to target computers, it instructs client agents to look for those executable file names from the file system and, if found, includes them in the software audit data.

To update the inventory settings:

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Discovery Manager.

2.Open the CI workspace.

3.Sort and select one of the configuration item types.

4.Select any of the records from the specified configuration item types that have a status of installed, and open the record.

5.Click the Software tab and view the Discovery Method column. The file system-based software appears as File.

6.Open the Software Inventory workspace.

7.Search for the software records in which the Discovery method appeared as file.

8.Open the software record to audit.

9.Click the Software Files tab. The list of executable file names is displayed.

10.Click Include/Exclude from Inventory. The Included in Inventory column is set to yes.

The Include/Exclude from Inventory quick action toggles to include and exclude the software files. If you click this quick action again, the application removes the software file from auditing.

11.Open the Inventory Settings workspace.

12.Open the default record, then click the Software Files tab. The list of software files that you associated in the Software Inventory workspace is displayed in this tab.

13.Click the Deploy Settings quick action.

All client machines running the software are audited.

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