Service Manager


Creating a Sub-Budget Plan

1.Log into the Service Desk console.

2.Open the Sub-Budget Plan workspace.

3.Click New ITFM Sub-Budget Plan.

4.On the Sub-Budget Plan page, the following tabs are displayed.

1.Enter details in the Creating an Activity History Item and Adding an Attachment.

2.Click Save.

Linking a Sub-Budget Plan to the Master Budget

After you have created a sub-budget plan, you can link it to the master budget plan.

1.Log in to the Service Desk console.

2.Open the Master Budget Plan workspace.

3.From the Sub-Budget tab of the master budget plan, click the link button .

4.Enter the name of the sub-budget to link to. A list of possible sub-budgets is displayed.

5.Choose a sub-budget and click Select. The sub-budget plan is added to the list.

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