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Archiving or Expiring a Knowledge Article

Only Knowledge Managers can archive or expire a knowledge article.

Expiring a knowledge article usually means that it is time-sensitive, such as a knowledge article on a product version that is no longer supported. You may want to archive a knowledge article that is inaccurate (and replace it with another one) or one that has not been viewed over a period of time in the Self-Service portal.

After you set the status of a knowledge article to expired, a user can search on it if they created the knowledge article or if they are the owner of the knowledge article.

However, only Knowledge Managers can view knowledge articles with an "Archived" status. Users cannot search on knowledge articles that are in the archived or expired status from within the Self-Service Portal.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Knowledge Manager.

2.Open the knowledge article to archive or expire.

3.Do one of the following:

From the Status field drop-down list, select Archived or click Archive Knowledge Article from the toolbar.

From the Status field drop-down list, select Expired.

The Retired Date field is updated with the current date.

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