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Creating a Milestone

If you use a template to create a major type of release, milestones are automatically created for you in the Milestones tab and in the Schedule tab of the release record.

You can create other milestones in addition to the defined ones or create new milestones for a release type other than major.

To create a milestone using the Schedule tab, see Managing a Release Project using the Gantt Chart. When you create a new milestone, it does not have any defined workflows or approvals associated with it. Work with your administrator to create a workflow for your milestone if you require an approval process for the new milestone.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Report Manager.

2.Open the release for which to create milestones.

3.From the milestone toolbar, click New Milestone.

4.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description

Name of the milestone.

Build and Test Release


Closed Pilot

Deploy Release to the selected group


Deployment Preparation

Early Life Support

New Service Testing and Pilot Milestone

Open Pilot


Release and Deployment Planning

Release Review and Closure



Service Testing and Pilot

User Communication

User Training

Description A description of the milestone.
Sequence Order The sequence number for this milestone. There is no workflow associated with the sequence order if you are creating an ad-hoc milestone; the sequence number is merely for your reference. The sequence number in the template-based milestones indicates the sequence in which the milestones activate.

Release Name

Release Number

These fields are auto-filled from the release record.

The status. A new milestone is set to the pending status.

No workflows are associated with the status value when creating an ad-hoc milestone; the status is merely for your reference. The Status field in the template-based milestones indicates the sequence in which the milestones activate.

Owner Name of the owner. The default owner is the logged in user.
Environment Name of the environment.

Started On

Date / Time

The start date and time. The default is the current date and time.
Target End Date The target end date. If you leave this field blank, the milestone duration shifts to encompass the end date of the last task. If you open the milestone form, you will notice that the target end date populates with the end date of the last task.
Estimated Effort The estimated effort.

5.Repeat to add milestones.

6.Set the milestone status to active. When you update the status to active, tasks and checklists associated with the milestone appear and task notifications are sent to the appropriate task owner. To go to the parent release form from a milestone record, click Open in Parent on the toolbar.

7.Click Save.

A milestone record is created and remains in pending state until you are ready to have it worked on by the owner.

The milestone workflow triggers only when the status is updated to active, if it is defined for the release type of major.

Modifying a Milestone

You can add additional information to a milestone before sending it to the assigned owner. When you are ready to have it worked on, update the status to active.

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Release Manager.

2.Open the Milestones workspace.

3.Open the milestone record to work on.

4.Edit the required information.

5.Click Save.

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