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Default Icons for Request Offerings

Listed below are the default images (icons) used when creating request, form, or external offerings. These images are displayed in the Service Catalog.

You can use any of these images. If the image does not appear in the application, right-click the image from this table in your browser, and save to your desktop. You can then move the image into the appropriate folder for access. See Adding Images to the List Control for procedures on how to use these images.

Image Suggested Use
Account Lockout - Domain
Account Lockout - HR System

Account Unlock

Address Change
Audio Conferencing Services
Benefits Package Claim
Benefits Package Enrollment
Benefits Package Waiver
Bonus Request
Cannot Access Drive X
Conference Room Reservation
Copy Request
Create Distribution List
Daily Backup Failure
Data Backup
Data Restore
Desktop Application Failure
Desktop Computer Loaner
Direct Deposit
Domain Password Reset
Elevator Servicing

Email - Cannot Open Outlook

Employee Termination
Employee Transfer

EPM Software Installation Request

Equipment Return
Escalator Servicing
Federal Exemption Update
Frequent Traveler Setup
FTP Request
Hardware Provisioning
Heating and Cooling
Laptop Computer Loaner
Leave Request
Loaner Equipment Request
Mailbox Quota Request
Mobile Network Access
Mobile Phone - Email Issue
Mobile Phone Request
Multiple Software Request
Name Change
New Application Access Request
New Computer Request
New E-mail Account
New Employee Setup
New Incident
New Office Equipment

New Smartphone Request

No Dial Tone on my Phone
Office Move

Optional Software Installation Request

Optional Software Multiple Installation Request

Optional Software Uninstallation Request

Order Business Cards
Overnight Standby Request
PC is Very Slow
Performance Improvement Action
Personal Information Update
Printer - Out of Toner
Printing Request
Release Quarantined Attachment
Reprovision Computer Request

Request Computer Accessories

Request for Information/Documentation

Request for New Service Offering

Shift Differential Request

Shipping and Mailing Request

Smartphone Request
Software Installation Request (Legacy)

Software Uninstallation Request (Legacy)

System Access
Tablet Request
Time Off Request
Training Course Request
Travel Request
Tuition Assistance Request
Video Conferencing Services
Voicemail Problem
VPN Connection Failure
Website Access Request
Website Move Request

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