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License Manager Tasks

Starting in Service Manager Release 2015.1, the License Management module has been superseded by a new software license management application, which is sold separately from Service Manager. Contact your Ivanti account representative if you are interested in the new software license management application.

The License Management module as described here still works; however, we will deprecate the functionality in a future release.

License Managers maintain and track licenses for the software in your organization and ensure compliance with the licensing requirements of the manufacturer.

The default workspaces for the License Manager are as follows:




Org Unit

Purchase Data Import

Purchase Item

Software Family

Software SKU

Software Product

and many more

License Managers are responsible for the following:

Importing software information and filtering the discovered data.

Capturing license entitlement as you add software purchases.

Matching entitlement records with discovered software information.

Reconciling and reporting on license compliance status.

License Managers filter inventory data that is collected by Discovery to eliminate items that the Service Manager online software catalog recognize as products not requiring a license.

The outputs from the reconciliation process are:

List of fully licensed products

List of under-licensed products

Indication of unused license entitlement

Licence Managers can view purchase, inventory, and compliance items within any organization unit. For example, a License Manager within the Finance organization unit can view information about licenses belonging to the Sales organization unit.

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