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About Canceling a Service Request

You cannot delete a service request but you can cancel a service request. This procedure changes its status to canceled, but keeps the service request in the system. Once canceled, a service request can not be edited.

Canceling a Service Request

Canceling a Service Request from the Self-Service Portal

Canceling a Service Request

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open a service request.

3.From the Status menu, select Canceled.

4.Click Save. The service request now appears in the list view as canceled.

Canceling a Service Request from the Self-Service Portal

1.Log into the Self-Service Portal.

2.Open the My Items workspace. A list of items appears.

3.Double-click the service request item to cancel. The Item Details page appears.

4.Click Cancel Request. The Cancel Service Request confirmation window appears.

5.Click OK. When you return to list view, the service request status shows canceled.

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