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Service Request Business Object Reference

This section lists the default definitions of the Service Request business object.

Canceling a Service Request

Task Cancellation Process

Calculation Rule

Canceling a Service Request

The following table describes the fields that comprise a service request to make it cancelable. For information on configuring a service request, see Configuring Editable and Cancellable Service Requests.

Object Description


ServiceReqTemplate#TemplateCancelable (Boolean)

Initialization rule: True


ServiceRequest#TemplateCancelable (Boolean)

Initialization rule: True


ServiceRequest#Cancelable (Boolean)

Calculation rule: $(if(((TemplateCancelable == false) || (((Status == "Canceled") || (Status == "Closed")) || (Status == "Fulfilled"))) then false else true))

Quick action

"Cancel Service Request" on ServiceReq

Composite action: Mark ServiceReq as "Canceled" and add Journal.Notes


Cancel button on layout for ServiceReq

Layout: ServiceReqLayout.New

Action: Cancel Service Request

Icon: icon_task_cancel.png

Disable expression: $(if(Cancelable then false else true))

Business rule

Cancel Service Request

Trigger: Field "Status" change to "Canceled"

Action: Composite action

Task Cancellation Process

Business Rule

Cancel workflow on cancellation.

In Service Manager, the Service Request business object field called Cancelable is defined as Boolean. Only the Stored Field attribute is selected.

The calculation rule appears as follows:

Field Status is set to canceled.

This rule is a composite action and includes:

Cancel tasks

Cancel approvals

Cancel workflows

Service request cancellation

Calculation Rule

The new quick action is available to Service Desk Analysts. This is configured as a composite action: mark ServiceReq as canceled and add journal notes.

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