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Using the Chat Zone

The Chat feature helps ease communication between users.

The following are the features of the Chat Zone:

You do not automatically see chats sent to you unless you open the Social Board workspace or you have the Chat Zone open.

You can only have ten conversations in the Chat Zone at one time.

After you have opened the Social Board workspace (which activates the Chat Zone), you can close the Social Board workspace and continue to send and receive chats.

Accessing the Chat Zone

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open the Social Board workspace.

3.The Chat Zone automatically appears on the right side of the Social Board page.

You will see the Chat Zone only if it is enabled for your user role, else you will not see the Chat Zone. Only Administrators can enable or disable Chat Zone for users.

4.To hide/show the Chat Zone, toggle the sidebar handle.

Using the Chat Zone to Chat

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open the Social Board workspace.

3.To begin a chat, click Start new conversation within the Chat Zone. A conversation appears.

4.To add users, do the following:

a. Click Add Person.
b. In the text box that appears, enter the name of the person to chat with.
c. Click Add.
d. Repeat to add more users to the conversation. There is no limit to the number of users that can be included.

5.In the bottom message area, type a message.

6.Press the Enter key to publish the message. Users cannot see your message until you publish it. Your message appears below the list of recipients.

Public conversations have a white background.

Private conversations have a blue background.

7.To minimize the conversation, click the conversation header . Click again to toggle open.

8.To remove conversations, click the Remove conversation from the Chat Zone icon.

Putting a Chat into a Floating Window

After you have published a conversation, you can drag it over other windows so that you can monitor a specific conversation.

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open the Social Board workspace.

3.Within the conversation header, click the pop out arrow icon .

4.To move the conversation window, drag the header to another location.

5.To return the window to the Chat Zone, drag the chat window and place it back into the Chat Zone.

If you click the close icon, the conversation is removed from the Chat Zone.

Chatting with a Team, Group, or Role

You can have a conversation at the team level in the Chat Zone (as well as in the Social Board). You can only chat with teams, groups, or roles of which you are a member.

Before chatting with your team, group, or role members, you must start the conversation on the Social Board.

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open the Social Board workspace.

3.Enter a message in the text box.

4.Click Add group.

5.Choose a team, group, or role from the drop-down list, then click Add.

6.Click Share. The message appears on the Social Board page and the conversation is submitted to the team.

7.Click the chat icon in the message window, and the conversation appears in the Chat Zone.

You can continue chatting with the group from the Chat Zone.

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