Self Service Mobile Portal

If you are assigned the Self Service Mobile user role, you can view the Self Service Mobile portal on a variety of iOS and Android devices, such as smart phones and tablets. The Self Service Mobile portal is a web-based user interface that is similar to the classic application, except the pages are sized to display appropriately on a mobile device.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for viewing the Self Service Mobile portal. The following browsers are not supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), or native/embedded Android browsers.

If you're using a smart phone to access the Self Service Mobile portal, you will first need to download the Ivanti Service Manager app for free on your device from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

When you login to Ivanti Service Manager on your mobile devices including tablets, only mobile-based user roles are available. If you want to login to non-mobile based user roles, use your desktop or a laptop.

Accessing the Self Service Mobile Portal

Navigating the Self Service Mobile Portal

Once you are logged into the Self Service Mobile portal, you will notice that the interface may have a different look and feel from the image below. Based on how your administrator has setup and the device you're viewing it from, the colors and the exact modules might not be the same for all user roles.

All procedures described in the Self Service help also apply to the Self Service Mobile portal, with slight differences. For example, instead of clicking items and scrolling the window, you may need to tap and swipe the screen when performing actions.

Service Requests and Incidents

Use the Service Catalog workspace to submit a service request or report an issue (also known as an Incident). A service request is a request for a service, such as a conference room reservation, or a new email account. An issue is an interruption of service such as an account lockout, or printer not working.

On some devices, the Service Catalog is viewable as a list or in tiles. Toggle the view by tapping the list view icon or the tile view icon in the upper-right area of the page. Note that the tile view displays items in large tiles, which take up more space and list fewer items on the screen.

When filling out a service request, you have the option of saving it as a draft to complete and submit later. Un-submitted requests will appear as Drafts at the top right of the page.

Chat with Support

You can either use Service Manager's in-build chat feature or use Microsoft Teams to instantly message the Support/Service Desk Analyst team to help solve issues or answer your questions in a one-on-one chat. You can also create incidents from the chat.

If this feature is not available for you, your administrator might not have enabled it for you. Reach out to your organization's administrator to get it enabled.

Using Service Manager built-in Chat

1.Tap the Chat with support icon .

A new chat window is displayed with the message "We are online" if Support staff is available. If not, the message "Chat is unavailable at this time!" is displayed.

Once a Service Desk Analyst is assigned to your chat session, you will see the message "Connected to <Service Desk Analyst name>" in the chat window.

2.Type your query or the issue you are facing in the text box and tap the send icon .

The Service Desk Analyst will reply to your query or issue. In case it cannot be solved through the chat, an Incident will be raised and the Incident number will be displayed on your chat window.

If you stay idle on the chat for a long time, you will be logged-off after two warnings.

Using Microsoft Teams


You should have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer and have a client account created.

You should have added the Teams app built for your organization to your Teams client account.

a. Log in to your Teams client account.
b. Click Apps > select the Teams app your organization has built > Add to a chat.

Your organization's Teams app is now added to your chat contacts which you can use to chat with Service Desk Analysts.

Sample Image of Teams app build for Ivanti

Sample Image of adding Teams app built for Ivanti to Teams chat

If you cannot find your organization's Teams app or have issues adding it to your Teams chat, reach out to your organization's administrator.

1.Log in to your Teams client account.

2.Click the Teams app of your organization that you added to your chat in the Prerequisites: section.

3.Send a message.

4.Select any of the following option.

Chat with Analyst - a Service Desk Analyst is assigned with whom you can have a one-on-one chat to help with your issue.

Create an Incident - an Incident dialog box is displayed. Enter the required information and click Save. An Incident is created for you which will be addressed by the Service Desk team.

Check Incident Status - all Incidents created by or for you will be displayed. Click one to view its status.

The above options may vary based on how your organization's administrator has set it up.