Log-in using Session ID

Logs into the tenant using Session ID.

Base URL:

https://{tenant url}/api/rest/authentication/login

When providing the "role" parameter, you need to provide the internal name of the role and not the display name. For example, Admin is the internal name of the role Administrator.

To differentiate a JWT Token from a Session ID, check the format of the generated ID, if the ID contains a tenant url, it is a Session ID and if it does not contain tenant url, it is a JWT Token.

If the log-in API is executed successfully, the application generates a Session ID. Follow the steps below to log-in to a tenant:

1.Create a new request in the Postman application.

2.Enter the following information in the Header tab:

Select the Authorization check box.

Enter the generated Session ID in the Value column.

3.Enter the endpoint request payload details and click the Send button or press the ENTER key.

Unsuccessful Response