Working with Approvals

Use the Approval workspace to establish a due date when a record needs approval. By default, the Incident and Budget workspaces use approvals, but administrators can add the Approval tab to any workspace.

Adding an Approval tab to a workspace also allows you to add and access approval vote tracking. Approval vote tracking is accessible from the Change or Approval layout. Select an approval from the list and click Go To from the Approval tab. From the Approval Vote Tracking workspace, a vote assigned to you (as a logged-in user), and that is still pending can be changed by using the following button options:

Button Icon Description
Approve Approve a vote assigned to you that is still pending.
Deny Deny a vote assigned to you that is still pending.

Other workspaces (such as Service Request and Knowledge) use their own approval workflow. See About Approving Service Requests and Approving a Knowledge Article.

Viewing Approved Items

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open the Approval workspace. The application displays a list of approved and pending service requests.

3.Double-click an item from the list to view the approval details and vote summary.

Creating an Approval

You create an approval within a record under the Approval tab. The application automatically adds approvals to the Approval workspace.

1.Log into the Service Desk Console.

2.Open the record to add an approval to.

3.From the Approval tab, click New Approval. The application displays the FRS Approvaldialog box.

4.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Name A descriptive name for the approval.
Owner The owner of the approval. By default, the owner is the person who created the record, but you can choose another owner from the drop-down list.
Status The initial status.  Automatically set to pending.
Approval Due Date The date the approval is due.
Vote Summary The vote summary. Based on the votes received from the team and the associated workflow. Automatically appears.
Parent Object The business object where you created the record. Automatically appears.
Approval Status Updated By The name of the last person to update the status. Automatically updated when the status is changed.
Approval Status Updated On The date of the change. Automatically updated when the status is changed.
Timeout Occurred Automatically updated when the approval due date has passed and the record has not been approved or denied.

5.Click Save. The application closes the window and adds the approval to the list.

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