About Accessing the Audit History

As an administrative tool, the audit history shows metadata changes. It does not show actual record changes.

An audit event is triggered when one of the following processes is modified or updated:

ID of individual recording the update.

Date and time of the action.

Type of action.

When multiple records are deleted at once, a single record is added in Audit History.

Accessing the Audit History

1.From the Configuration Console, click Monitor > System Audit History to open the System Audit History workspace. The application displays the list of audit events.

2.Use these filters to customize the audit history view:

Field Description


The metadata object name as stored in the database.

Min. Date

A range for the audit history filter by adding a date. By default, the audit history displays changes recorded in the last 30 days.

Max. Date

A range for the audit history filter by adding a date.


Employee name. Select from the drop-down list.


An operation performed on this business object or record. Can be all, insert, update, or delete.


A Neurons for ITSM metadata set.  Select from the drop-down list.

3.Click Search to generate the new audit history.

4.Click View next to an audit entry to view details.