About the Metadata Index

The metadata index is an index that links referable items (also called definition points) in the metadata with where they are referenced (also called reference points). The index allows the application to validate metadata modifications without having to search for reference points, which leads to a large performance increase when saving metadata changes.

Using the Metadata Index

The metadata index table is initially populated. The application automatically maintains the metadata index whenever changes are made to the metadata through the Configuration Console.

In exceptional circumstances, if you believe the metadata index is not up-to-date, you can rebuild it by following these steps:

1.To access the metadata index, do one of the following:

In Neurons for ITSM application, click More... to open the workspace selector. The application displays the list of available workspaces. In the Search Objects field, enter Metadata Validation Config.

From the Configuration Console, click Build > Automation Tools > Metadata Validation Config.

The application displays the Metadata Validation Config workspace.

2.Click Rebuild Metadata Index. The application displays an informational message stating that the application rebuilds the metadata index in the background and can take several minutes to complete.

3.Click Yes to continue. The application logs informational messages and errors.

4.To see the status, do the following:

a. Log in to Neurons for ITSM.
b. Open the Logs workspace.

If there was an error, the application displays an error-level log entry. If there are no problems, the application displays an informational- level log entry.