Working with Fields

A field is a container of information within a business object. Fields reflect information that is entered or selected by the user. Sometimes field information is generated by the application.

After creating a field, add it to a form for viewing. On a form, a field is represented using a field control such as a checkbox, text box, or drop-down list. The field type determines which controls can be used. When a form is opened for a read-only business object, all controls except those listed in the exception list become read-only.

You can add a maximum of 256 fields to a business object. If you need to add more fields, we recommend that you create a new business object with a one-to-one relationship. If any of your existing business objects contain more than 256 fields, the application displays a warning message but lets you continue. However, we strongly recommend that you reduce the number of fields to 256. In a future release of Neurons for ITSM, the application will not allow you to save business objects with more than 256 fields.

Viewing Fields

Creating a Field

Form Field Types

Deleting a Field

Resizing Text Fields

Resizing a Pop-Up Window