Example: Using a Counter Name in an Initialization Rule

Before performing this task, ensure that the counter name that you want to use exists.

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Business Objects to open the Business Objects workspace.

2.Open the business object to use.

3.Choose the Business Rules tab. The application displays a list of business rules.

4.From the Initialization Rules section, click Add Initialization Rule. The application displays the Add Initialization Rule window.

5.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Disabled Specifies if the rule is disabled. Ensure that this option is not checked.
Field Name The field in which this initialization rule applies.
Field Value

Enter the expression: $(GetNextCounter(counterName))

For example, if the field name is a business object ID field, then the counter that is referenced in the expression will use the incremental value defined in the counter record to populate the ID field for the next record in that business object.

6.Click Save.

7.Click Save.