Using the Disconnect Web Method

Disconnects the user from the tenant and removes the session.

Request Syntax

FRSHEATIntegrationConnectionResponse Disconnect(string sessionKey, string tenantId)


sessionKey: Session key string obtained from Connect web method.

tenantId: The tenant for which the session is created.

Return Value

FRSHEATIntegrationConnectionResponse class, defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATIntegrationConnectionResponse


public string connectionStatus;

public string sessionKey;

public string exceptionReason;



The FRSHEATIntegrationConnectionResponse class has the following fields:

connectionStatus: Provides a status about the state of the connection. The connectionStatus value is null when Disconnect web method completes successfully.

sessionKey: The session key to use in all subsequent web service operations. The field value is null when the Disconnect web method completes successfully.

exceptionReason: Contains exception information, if the application throws an exception when running this web method.

If the Disconnect web method completes successfully, the application removes the session key.


If there is an error during the Disconnect web method operation (either during the authentication or authorization phases), the server throws a SOAP exception and the web services client must handle the exception.

The following table lists the exceptions that can be encountered when executing the Disconnect web method

SOAP Exception




If the passed session key is not present or is invalid.

Ensure that the session key is valid and present at the server